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Master the Art of Cigar Enjoyment with “Cigar University” by The Cigar Guys

Welcome to “Cigar University,” the prestigious virtual academy created by The Cigar Guys, dedicated to the fine art of cigar enjoyment. Our curriculum is designed not only for those embarking on their first foray into the world of cigars but also for seasoned smokers who wish to refine their appreciation and techniques. At “Cigar University,” we believe that enjoying a premium cigar is an experience that encompasses tradition, skill, and a deep understanding of the craft.

Cutting: The First Step to a Perfect Smoke

The journey of savoring a premium cigar begins with a proper cut. This initial step is crucial as it can significantly influence the quality of your smoking experience. Our lessons guide you through various cutting techniques using different tools, from the classic guillotine to the punch and the V-cut. You’ll learn how to execute the perfect cut and choose the proper method for different cigar shapes and sizes.

Lighting: An Ignition of Pleasure

Lighting a cigar is an art that can enhance the flavor and burn of your smoke. “Cigar University” provides comprehensive guidance on how to light a cigar correctly to avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to an uneven burn or an overly hot smoke. Through our expert tutorials, you’ll master the use of various lighting instruments, from wooden matches to butane torch lighters, ensuring that your cigar is started with the respect it deserves.

Humidification: Preserving Excellence

The importance of proper humidification cannot be overstated in the world of cigars. A well-humidified cigar means a smooth, flavorful smoke. Our courses delve into the science and art of humidification, teaching you how to maintain your humidor at the optimal humidity level to preserve your cigars’ integrity. Whether you’re learning about the types of humidors, hygrometers, or humidification solutions, “Cigar University” ensures your cigars are kept in just the right environment.

Cigar Lounge Etiquette: The Gentleman’s Code

A cigar lounge is a sanctuary for aficionados to unwind and enjoy their cigars in good company. As with any refined social setting, there are unspoken rules and etiquettes. Our modules on lounge etiquette cover everything from the do’s and don’ts of smoking in public to how to engage in lounge camaraderie. You’ll become versed in the conduct that respects the space and other patrons and enhances the collective experience.

Course Structure and Accessibility

Each lesson at “Cigar University” is thoughtfully structured, providing in-depth, accessible content that caters to learners at all levels. Our instructors are seasoned aficionados who bring their passion and expertise to every class. Lessons are delivered through engaging video tutorials, insightful articles, and interactive sessions that allow for a comprehensive learning experience.

Join “Cigar University” Today

Whether you’re a novice looking to properly embark on your cigar journey or an experienced smoker aiming to deepen your expertise, “Cigar University” by The Cigar Guys is the perfect resource. Join our community of learners and enthusiasts and transform every cigar experience into sophistication and pleasure.

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