Cigar FAQs

How do I choose the right cigar?

Select a cigar that matches your taste preference, whether mild, medium, or full-bodied. Consider a cigar with a larger diameter for cooler and smoother smoke, as it allows for more complex tobacco blending. The length of the cigar will indicate how long it will take to smoke. Ensure you pick a cigar that has been stored correctly and is ready for immediate enjoyment.

How should I cut my cigar?

The end you’ll smoke called the head, is sealed with a cap that needs to be cut before smoking. Aim to remove only a small portion of the cap to prevent the cigar from unraveling. Use tools like a guillotine, punch, or V-cutter for a precise cut.

What does toasting a cigar mean?

Toasting is a preliminary step to lighting a cigar that involves gently rotating the cigar’s foot above a flame. This preheats the tobacco for a more even light when you’re ready to start smoking.

Is there a proper technique for cutting a cigar?

Yes, the goal is to make a clean cut without removing the entire cap to prevent the cigar from coming apart. Guillotine, punch, and V-cut are all effective methods, each providing a different experience but ensuring a good draw.

Does the wrapper’s color indicate the cigar’s strength?

Contrary to popular belief, the wrapper’s color doesn’t necessarily reflect the cigar’s strength. It’s the color of the filler tobacco that is a better indicator of strength, with darker tobacco often signifying a fuller body and more intensity due to higher nicotine content. The wrapper can add some nuances to the flavor, with darker “Maduro” wrappers typically offering a hint of spiciness.

What’s the ideal way to light a cigar?

The key to lighting a cigar is to achieve an even burn. Toasting the foot before fully landing can help, especially with larger cigars. Use a match or butane lighter and gently puff while rotating the cigar to ensure the end is uniformly lit.

How should I smoke a cigar?

Take a relaxed draw to fill your mouth with smoke, appreciate the flavor, and exhale smoothly. Enjoy the tactile experience by holding and occasionally rotating the cigar and ash just before it’s about to fall. The main objective is to relax and savor the experience.

What’s the best way to store cigars?

Cigars must be kept at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity to maintain quality. A humidor is the best storage solution, equipped with a humidification system to regulate moisture levels.

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