Meet The Cigar Guys

“Thanks for tuning in to the Cigar Guys podcast,” Co-Host, Alex, starts off the show. “We are here doing our very first episode. We’re gonna do some introductions, talk a little bit about ourselves. We have Mullet Master Mark over here. We have the real CEO of Tesla, Jared. We have aerospace engineer and SpaceX C.E.O., Zack Nikollaj. And me, Mr. Producer.” 

Meet The Cigar Guys

“We’re gonna talk about some of the cigars we’re smoking, some of the whiskey we’re drinking. But, uh, first things first: everyone’s gonna go around and tell us what they’re smoking. We’re kind of doing like, what’s your favorite cigar right now? So we’ll start with Mark.”

Mark: “Alright guys. So today I’m smoking the Musta De Saka Unstolen Valor. And, uh, honestly, I picked the cigar today because when I first got into smoking cigars, I exclusively bought the Musta De Sakas only because of the box.

The cigar is great. It’s great flavor. The one I’m smoking today is like a medium to full body. A lot of good spice notes to it.”

Jared: “I’m drinking Macallan 12, which everybody knows is my favorite whiskey and my favorite cigar is the Padron 1964. It’s pretty dark, good flavor. Smokes really easily. I really like it.”

Zach: “So I am smoking the Padron 1926. You know, Jared’s other favorite cigar. I’m drinking, let’s see, what is this rabbit hole? See, I don’t even know what I’m drinking.

Alex just had it out and I’m like, you know what? I haven’t seen that bottle before. Let’s try it out.”

Alex: “Yeah, and I’m smoking the Davidoff Nicaragua, the Box press. It’s one of my favorites. I think it’s the best Davidoff, me personally. Got a lot of great flavor, smooth. And I’m also drinking the rabbit hole, gifted to us by a good friend of ours.”

The four Cigar Guys each go around and share their “cigar origin story”, explaining how they got into smoking cigars, when was their first, what was their first.

On The Cigar Guys Podcast, we discuss everything cigar related: Types of cigars, lighters, cutters, brands, lounges, wholesale, retail.

Co-Hosts Alex, Mark, Zach & Jared. Featuring guest appearances of people that are involved in the cigar industry.

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Please follow, subscribe, hit the notification bell so you can get notified every time we post. But thank you guys for being here. It’s been a real pleasure and we’re very excited to move forward. 

Alex: “Yeah, we’re taking a lot of recommendations off of our TikTok followers, but as we grow, leave a comment, message us. We’re gonna be trying a lot of new cigars, a lot of new whiskeys. Anything you guys recommend: we write it down, we put it on the list and we’ll get to that eventually.”

“See you guys on the next episode. Peace out.”

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