Mixologist Matt From Celery City Cigars

In this episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast, the hosts Alex, Jared and Mark are joined by Matt Van Etten from Celery City Cigars in Sanford, Florida. The hosts, who are sipping on Balvenie 14 year Caribbean cask, introduce their guest and get to know him a little better. Matt establishes that he has been a cigar connoisseur for years now, and has even branched out into becoming an expert in craft cocktails. They light up their cigars, and Matt is given a special treat: The Egg by Drew Estate. The hosts tease Matt a bit about the shape of the cigar, but Matt takes it in stride and prepares to smoke it.

The hosts then turn to talking about Celery City Cigars, which opened over three years ago in downtown Sanford. Matt informs them that they were the first retailer for The Besa Cigar, which has become a huge hit. They are even preparing to launch a new size, which they will call the Rothschild. The hosts joke about buying out Mark and ask for donations to his non-existent GoFundMe page.

Matt describes his role at Celery City Cigars, where he works as a mixologist, not just a bartender. He explains that his job is to create cocktails that pair well with the flavors of the cigars they sell. He is very knowledgeable about the different types of cigars and what types of drinks go best with them. He says that his favorite drink to pair with a cigar is old-fashioned, but he is always experimenting with new recipes.

The conversation turns to the topic of how to properly store cigars. Matt explains that the ideal temperature for storing cigars is between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level between 65% and 70%. 

The hosts then ask Matt about his favorite cigars. He recommends the Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed, which he says is a smooth smoke with a lot of complexity. He also recommends the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story, which he says is a perfect size for a quick smoke. Matt says that he likes to experiment with new cigars and is always on the lookout for something new to try.

The conversation turns to the topic of how to properly cut a cigar. Matt explains that there are three types of cuts: straight cut, V-cut, and punch cut. He recommends the V-cut for beginners, as it provides a smaller opening for the smoke to pass through, which can help prevent the cigar from unraveling. He also recommends using a guillotine cutter, which he says is the most common type of cutter.

The hosts then ask Matt for some tips on how to properly light a cigar. Matt recommends using a butane lighter, as it provides a clean flame that won’t impart any unwanted flavors onto the cigar. He also recommends toasting the foot of the cigar first, which involves holding the flame near the foot of the cigar without touching it, and rotating the cigar until the entire foot is toasted. Once the foot is toasted, he recommends placing the cigar in your mouth and gently blowing on the foot to make sure it is evenly lit.

As the podcast comes to a close, the hosts thank Matt for joining them and providing such valuable insights. They remind their listeners to visit Celery City Cigars in Sanford, Florida, and to try one of Matt’s signature cocktails. They also encourage their listeners to experiment with different types of cigars and to never be afraid to try something new.

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