The BEST Cigar, The Besa Cigar!

In this episode, The Cigar Guys officially introduce The Besa Cigar, a brand that they created and launched in August of 2022. Owners Alex, Mark, and Zach discuss their inspiration for starting their own cigar brand, which was to put Albanian history in a cigar and educate people about the culture.

The three explain that they are all cigar enthusiasts and have been going to cigar lounges for a long time. They wanted something with their name on it that meant something in the community. They also wanted to highlight Albanian history and put it into a cigar to educate people. Each cigar that they put out has a piece of history behind it that people can learn about and appreciate.

The name Besa means “oath” and “honor” in Albanian, reflecting a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to one’s family and country. The goal of the brand is to create a sense of community and connection among cigar enthusiasts, with a particular focus on Albanian culture.

The Besa Cigar is a medium-bodied cigar that has a good peppery taste to it when you first light it. It is not overpowering, and it gets you into the cigar right away. After the pepper eases off, you get notes of hazelnut, some cocoa, and cedar. It is a very smooth stick that goes well with whiskey, like Angel’s Envy. It also goes well with red wine, like a Cabernet or Malbec.

The hosts believe that more people are willing to try new brands, and they see a younger crowd coming into the lounges. They also believe that word of mouth and social media are the two best ways to get their brand out there. They go to different states and talk about their cigars and hand them out to people. They want people to try their cigar and see what they think. They also think that boutique cigars are on the rise and that consumers and retailers are more accepting and willing to allow these brands to come in and market tobacco products.

The creation of any cigar involves sourcing tobacco and blending it to create the desired flavor profile. The Besa Cigar is made in the Dominican Republic, and they talked to the master blender about the profile they wanted. They wanted a medium-bodied cigar that everyone would enjoy. They wanted to make a cigar that would really blow people away. The process of making a cigar takes a long time, and they wanted to make sure they got it right, no shortcuts, and a lot of patience.

The design of the Besa cigar band incorporates elements of Albanian history, such as the double-headed eagle and the red and black color scheme. The band was refined over time, with the final iteration being a striking and unique representation of the brand’s commitment to Albanian culture.

The Besa cigar is a testament to the importance of preserving and celebrating one’s cultural heritage, while also providing a high-quality product for cigar enthusiasts to enjoy. With its unique blend of flavors, intriguing backstory, and commitment to Albanian history, the Besa cigar offers an experience unlike any other.
So, if you’re interested in learning more about the Besa cigar or want to try it for yourself, check out their website and order some today. Discover the rich history behind each cigar and become a part of the growing community of Besa cigar enthusiasts.

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