The Art of Cigar Storage & Humidification: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome back, fellow cigar aficionados! In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at cigar storage and humidification, covering everything from the types of humidors to the importance of maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels. Drawing from a lively discussion between our cigar experts Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach, we will guide you through the essentials of cigar care, ensuring that your prized smokes remain in peak condition.

To start, our experts emphasize the importance of proper storage for cigars, especially for those looking to keep them long-term. Without adequate humidification, cigars can become dry and lose their intended flavor within a week, depending on your climate. A variety of humidors are available to suit your needs, including traditional cedar chest-style humidors, which are the most common option. These humidors have a cedar-lined interior, providing optimal conditions for cigar storage. However, Alex and Zach recommend avoiding glass-top humidors, as they tend to lead to a drier climate and are better suited as showpieces for parties and gatherings.

Alternative storage options include Tupperdors, airtight Tupperware containers that can hold cigars, and Coolidors, which are repurposed coolers. The latter is especially popular among those living in hot climates, as it helps keep cigars cool and fresh.

Temperature regulation is crucial for maintaining the quality of your cigars. Our experts suggest keeping your cigars at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) to ensure the best smoking experience. It’s also essential to maintain the right humidity levels within your humidor. Boveda packs, or similar humidification packs, are an excellent option for regulating humidity levels. These packs come in different sizes and can be easily replaced once they’ve reached their lifespan. It is easy to tell when a humidification pack is ready to be replaced because they will become dry and harden.

When it comes to setting up your humidor, seasoning is a vital step that many beginners overlook. To season a cedar humidor, you’ll need to use distilled water to moisten the cedar lining, which helps to maintain consistent humidity levels within the humidor. The process can take anywhere from a few days to a week, so it’s important to be patient during this period. Our experts recommend using the “shot cup” method, which involves filling a small cup with distilled water and placing it inside the humidor for the duration of the seasoning process.

Monitoring the humidity levels inside your humidor is essential for maintaining the quality of your cigars. This can be achieved using a hydrometer, with digital options offering greater accuracy compared to their analog counterparts. Regularly checking and adjusting the humidity levels will ensure that your cigars remain in perfect smoking condition.

Airflow and rotation also play an essential role in cigar care. It’s crucial to have enough space within your humidor for air to circulate, which helps maintain consistent humidity levels. Rotating your cigars every few months allows for even airflow and prevents the formation of mold or other issues.

In the age-old debate of cellophane versus no cellophane, our experts lean towards storing cigars in cellophane. This helps protect the cigars from potential damage and can even help prevent the spreading of cigar beetles, should they arise. Storing cigars without cellophane is also fine, just be careful not to move the humidor too much to avoid damaging the wrapper of the cigars..

Finally, our experts offer some crucial tips to ensure that your cigars remain in top condition. First, avoid cutting your cigars before storing them in a humidor, as this can lead to a change in the intended flavor profile. Secondly, avoid putting out a cigar halfway through smoking it and then returning it to the humidor. This will cause all the cigars inside that humidor to smell and taste bitter, making for an unpleasant smoking experience.

In conclusion, storing and maintaining your cigars properly is an essential aspect of cigar care. By following the expert advice shared in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure that your prized smokes remain in peak condition, ready to be enjoyed whenever the mood strikes.

To recap, here are the key takeaways from our experts:

1. Choose the right humidor for your needs, whether that’s a traditional cedar chest-style humidor, Tupperdor, or Coolidor.

2. Maintain a consistent temperature of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) for optimal cigar storage.

3. Use Boveda packs or similar humidification products to regulate humidity levels within your humidor.

4. Season your humidor properly using the “shot cup” method with distilled water.

5. Monitor humidity levels using a digital hydrometer for greater accuracy and adjust as needed.

6. Ensure proper airflow and rotation of your cigars within the humidor.

7. Store cigars in their cellophane to protect them from damage.

8. Avoid cutting cigars before storing them and never return a partially smoked cigar to your humidor.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can rest assured that your cigars will remain in pristine condition, ready to be savored and shared with friends and fellow enthusiasts. As always, we encourage you to explore and experiment with different storage methods and cigar care techniques to find what works best for you and your collection.

Now that you’ve armed yourself with the knowledge of proper cigar storage and humidification, you can confidently curate and maintain your cigar collection, ensuring that your smokes are always ready to be enjoyed. So, gather your friends, ignite your favorite cigar, and revel in the rich, complex flavors that result from your diligent care and attention.

For a more in depth guide to proper cigar humidification, be sure to listen to The Cigar Guys Podcast embedded at the top of this article.

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