Cigars and Networking: An Exclusive Tale from The Cigar Guys Podcast

A well-spun story is the best kind of story, and one such tale unfolded recently on The Cigar Guys podcast. The podcast features four affable hosts – Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach – who delve into the delectable world of cigars, but this time, with a twist. This episode seamlessly blends the niche topics of cigar smoking and networking into a lively discussion.

Setting the stage, Alexander Gonzalez, the self-proclaimed ‘Supreme host Overlord of the podcast,’ starts by introducing the topic and his co-hosts. He then passes the baton to Mark Nikolai, who sets the episode’s tone by unveiling his selection of the day, a la relatos by Warped, aged since 2015. It’s an elegant reminder of the nuances of cigar choices and how they define the mood for an evening.

Jared Burrows joins the discussion with his preferred choice of an LFD avocado, a bold, dark cigar. Zach, however, veers towards a bassist cigar that presents a fantastic taste and celebrates Albanian history and culture. The diverse cigar choices mirror their varying experiences and perspectives, underlining the heart of the discussion – networking.

With an unexpected surprise in the form of a book aptly named “Is Your Networking Net Working?” by John R. Dade, the episode dives into the art of networking. The book, sent as a gift to the hosts, offers techniques for professionals and entrepreneurs to establish themselves as experts through networking.

The hosts then ingeniously link the theme of the book to cigar smoking. Alex discusses how cigar lounges and networking go hand in hand, highlighting that, by its very nature, cigar smoking is a leisure activity. It draws together people who can afford this luxurious hobby, creating a network of successful individuals in their fields.

As the conversation evolves, we learn about the informal and casual networking at cigar lounges. According to Jared, it is common for one regular to recommend another regular for a job or contract based solely on their interactions at the lounge. It is a testament to the trust and camaraderie built around a shared love for cigars.

Adding depth to the conversation, Zach chimes in about the universal language of cigar smoking. Seeing someone smoking a cigar in public can instantly create a connection, sparking lengthy conversations that could open doors to new opportunities.

The hosts don’t just stop at cigars, though. They extend the networking aspect to their experiences with different beverages. For example, a shared preference for scotch could strengthen relationships and foster further networking. Their lively banter about different accents and their impact on interactions presents an interesting perspective on the subtleties of networking.

Reflecting on their individual experiences, each host shares tales of how networking has positively affected their personal and professional lives. From meeting owners of Italian restaurants to helping out locals in Orange County, their stories demonstrate the power of networking in fostering meaningful connections and opportunities.

As the conversation winds down, the hosts ponder the changing accents in different parts of America. Their humor-filled debate serves as a reminder that while some networking elements may change with time, the essence of creating genuine connections remains constant.

In a grand finale, the hosts announce a giveaway of ten copies of John R. Dade’s book, encouraging their viewers to comment on the episode or visit their Instagram page to participate. The giveaway serves as a treat for their audience and furthers their commitment to fostering networking opportunities.

As the hosts wrap up, it’s clear that this episode was more than just a discussion on cigars and networking. It was a lesson about making meaningful connections, shared over the love for a niche hobby. It’s a testament to the power of shared interests and how they unite diverse individuals. The bond that forms over shared passion often proves stronger and more fruitful than any professional network.

The hosts delve deeper into the dynamics of networking in cigar lounges. From the choice of cigars to the favorite spots in the lounge, each decision subtly reveals more about a person, thus setting the foundation for a unique and deep connection. The shared quiet moments, the laughter over the jokes, and the debates over the favorite cigars contribute to an organic network that thrives on mutual respect and camaraderie.

The show also discusses how cigar smoking is an equalizer in networking. It eliminates hierarchical barriers, allowing free and equal conversation among all present. Mark talks about how his relationships with several influential people stemmed from chance meetings at cigar lounges. The cigars facilitated a neutral ground, breaking down the barriers that would have otherwise existed due to their professional statuses.

Throughout the podcast, the hosts emphasize the importance of authenticity and being genuine while networking. It isn’t just about exchanging business cards or seeking favors. It is about forging connections that are mutually beneficial and respectful. It is about a genuine interest in the other person’s life, experiences, and aspirations. This is where the conversation about networking shifts from the norm. It isn’t about what you can get from networking but what you can offer.

The episode is peppered with interesting anecdotes from the hosts. Alex shares an incident from a cigar lounge where he met a writer who later helped him with a project. Similarly, Jared talks about how his friendship with a fellow cigar smoker led to a partnership in a real estate venture. These stories reinforce the potency of networking in cigar lounges, where relationships are built on trust and shared interests rather than professional obligations.

As the hosts reminisce about their networking experiences and the impacts on their personal lives, the listeners are left with valuable insights. Networking is not just about promoting oneself or one’s business. It’s about creating meaningful, lasting relationships. It’s about finding common ground and cultivating it. And perhaps, most importantly, it’s about being genuine and respectful to the people you meet.

In a world where networking is often seen as transactional, the hosts of The Cigar Guys podcast bring a fresh perspective. They delve into the depth of networking, weaving in their love for cigars, creating a beautiful tapestry of shared experiences and wisdom. This episode is a testament to the power of shared passions and the bonds they create.

The hosts’ words, anecdotes, and the atmosphere of camaraderie that pervades the podcast episode serve as a reminder: Networking is more than just professional growth. It is a gateway to making lifelong friends, exploring new avenues, and finding shared passions. And in the end, the true power of networking lies in its ability to transform a group of strangers into a community.

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