Top 5 Episodes of The Cigar Guys Podcast for Q2 2023

The Cigar Guys Podcast has been actively producing full length podcast episodes since mid January 2023. After almost six months of consistent content, The Cigar Guys have increased their online presence tenfold, leaving a positive impact on the cigar community, especially for the younger generation looking to learn more about the premium cigar world.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Podcast Episodes from The Cigar Guys Podcast based on total amount of views on YouTube and all Audio Podcast Platforms from April 2023 to June 2023:

At Number 5, we have Episode 21. Cigars and Networking

This episode of The Cigar Guys podcast discussed the connection between cigar smoking and networking. The four hosts, Alex, Jared, and Mark, each chose a different cigar for the session, their varied selections reflecting their distinct perspectives. They then discuss the book “Is Your Networking Networking?” by John R. Dade, which details techniques for professionals and entrepreneurs to establish themselves as experts through networking. The hosts link this to the art of cigar smoking, noting how the leisurely, shared activity brings together successful individuals, fostering trust and camaraderie.

The episode explores how networking can occur in various contexts, like cigar lounges or even around different beverages. This discussion emphasizes the importance of authenticity and mutual respect when networking, as it’s not just about seeking favors but genuinely connecting with others. The hosts share personal stories illustrating the positive impacts of networking in their own lives and how shared interests like cigar smoking can serve as a common ground, breaking down hierarchical barriers and fostering meaningful relationships. 

They also encourage listeners to participate in a giveaway of Dade’s book. The episode wraps up with the affirmation of the enduring power of networking, particularly when it’s founded on shared passions and interests. The hosts’ experiences and insights underscore the view of networking as not just a tool for professional growth but a means to create a community of lasting relationships and mutual respect.

At Number 4, we have Episode 18. Manolo Santiago from Casa 1910 Cigars

In this episode of The Cigar Guys podcast, hosts Alexander Gonzalez, Mark, and Zachary Nikollaj welcomed Manolo Santiago of Casa 1910 Cigars as a special guest. Santiago, known for his deep understanding of the tobacco industry and his artful blending of tobacco leaves, provided insights into the history and art of cigar-making. 

The cigar smoked during the episode was a Robusto-shaped ‘cuchillo parado,’ a tribute to a small town in Chihuahua, Mexico, known for the first battle of the Mexican Revolution. Santiago explained that this cigar comprises five different types of tobacco leaves and pairs seamlessly with tequila rosado and tequila anejo. He introduced the concept of ‘cigar yoga,’ a process involving large puffs, holding the smoke, and slowly exhaling to enhance the experience and flavor appreciation.

Santiago then recounted his experience at the 2021 Premium Cigar Association event, where Casa 1910 presented a single cigar. Despite initial surprise, this choice highlighted the brand’s commitment to quality over quantity. Santiago and the hosts discussed the blend creation process, the brand’s marketing strategies, and the importance of face-to-face interactions and compelling narratives. 

Santiago also touched on the visual aspects of the brand, specifically their logo, which draws inspiration from Mexico’s national coat of arms. When asked about his favorite cigar, Santiago favored the ‘Mexican Revolution’ line and the cigar named ‘Temoaya’ for its complex yet balanced blend. For cigar beginners, Santiago advised patience, exploration, and finding a trusted tobacconist for guidance.

At Number 3, we have Episode 23. Aganorsa Leaf

In the latest episode of “Cigar Guys Podcast,” hosts Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach engaged in a lively discussion about the renowned Aganorsa leaf cigars. Each host sampled a different cigar from the range, offering their unique perspectives on flavor profiles and pairing experiences.

Alex savored the Cerberus edition of the “Guardian of the Farm,” notable for its wolf heads on the wrapper. He shared his experiment of smoking each leaf, constituting the blend individually. Mark explored the “Rare Leaf Reserve,” a unique Nicaragua selection with a red band that adds distinction. Jared tried the “Anniversario,” predicting a perfect pairing with whiskey just two puffs in.

The hosts delved into the intricacy of cigar blending, discussing how the type of tobacco, the aging process, construction, and even the band plays a part. An innovative idea of a unique cigar changing flavor profiles as one smokes through different banded sections was brought up. However, they also noted potential negative perceptions, such as marketing to younger audiences.

At Number 2, we have Episode 19. The State of the World According to The Cigar Guys

In this episode of The Cigar Guys, the hosts Alexander Gonzalez, Mark and Zachary Nikollaj, and Jared Burrows welcomed a special guest, Luis, well-known as the best barber in Central Florida. The episode revolved around a robust conversation that included everything from a critique of CAO cigars to societal dynamics in the wake of COVID-19.

The conversation began with Alex’s critique of CAO cigars, which sparked a vibrant discussion among the hosts and the guest. As they guided Zach through the experience of savoring a cigar, they also discussed the societal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically the trend of people becoming engrossed in screens and oblivious to the real world around them. 

They touched on the false portrayal of a perfect life on social media, the distorted perception of beauty, the dangers of quick-fix self-improvement courses, the environmental crisis, and the implications of a surveillance society. They also discussed topics like the flat Earth conspiracy theory and the Bible’s teachings about humanity’s connection to the natural world.

They discussed their concerns over the shift in societal dynamics due to technology, drawing parallels to the movie “The Matrix,” suggesting that we have become excessively reliant on virtual realities. They criticized the trend of curated facts portrayed on social media platforms, discussing the psychological impact of this on individuals’ self-worth.

The hosts also broached the subject of climate change and environmental stewardship, using the example of SpaceX launches in Florida to discuss humanity’s impact on the Earth. Mark used a biblical story to underscore the human tendency towards greed and self-gratification.

This episode served as a testament to the power of conversation to explore life’s grand themes, from societal constructs to personal growth and the collective stewardship of our planet. The Cigar Guys used their shared passion for cigars as a platform for profound dialogues about the world they inhabit. Their intellectual sparks and commitment to the thoughtful conversation were symbolized by the lingering aroma of their smoldering cigars, ready to be rekindled at their next gathering.

Finally, at Number 1, we have Episode 15. Cigar Blind Taste Test & The History of Cigars

The Cigar Guys Podcast recently aired an episode featuring a blind taste test and discussion on the history of cigars. Hosts Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach embarked on this endeavor by trying out mainstream brand cigars without knowing their specifics, discussing the flavors, spiciness, and density as they made their guesses. Simultaneously, they discussed cigar history, from the Mayans smoking tobacco to Columbus introducing it to Europe. They touched upon the impact of the Cuban Embargo on the cigar industry and how cigar-making became more mainstream over time.

The hosts discussed the importance of cigars in fostering camaraderie and community and their significance in Tampa, Florida – a hub for the cigar industry where visitors can see cigar rollers at work and even learn the craft. By the end of the blind taste test, none of the hosts successfully guessed their cigars, resulting in friendly jests. They also shared inspiring stories of people who had achieved their dreams through determination and hard work.

In conclusion, the hosts emphasized the cigar industry’s rich history, craftsmanship, and community spirit. They encouraged listeners to learn about the history of cigars, appreciate the skill involved in their creation, and support local businesses and artisans within the industry. They reminded listeners that cigars can create lasting memories and foster strong connections, whether shared among friends or within a community. As a challenge, they suggested listeners try their blind taste test with friends.

If you are interested in finding more podcast episodes to watch or listen to, head over to The Cigar Guys’ to access all of their long and short content.

47. Validating Aganorsa Leaf | The Cigar Guys Podcast The Cigar Guys Podcast

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