The Cigar Guys’ Riveting Appearance on the Long Ash Cigar Podcast by JR Cigars

In episode 181 of the Long Ash podcast hosted by JR Cigars, Nick and Chris opened the floor with a casual banter that led to the entrance of special guests from The Cigar Guys Podcast – Alex, Mark, and Zach – added a refreshing spark to the discussion.

Backstories, Cigar Lounges, and Personal Bonds

The Cigar Guys revealed their journeys with cigars and spoke at length about their shared experiences. Their connection to the Corona Cigar Lounge, a place they frequently visit, stood out prominently. The dialogue bubbled with wit and humor, highlighting the depth of their bond, interwoven with their love for cigars. It wasn’t just cigars, though; the guys offered listeners a sneak peek into their relationships and cigars’ significant role in cementing their ties.

Digital Intersection with the Cigar World

A central theme of their discussion was the confluence of the digital realm with the cigar industry. When Jeff’s name popped up in the conversation – a stalwart who recently inaugurated a store in Sarasota and has been an industry mainstay for over 25 years – it was evident how traditional brick-and-mortar stores are still relevant. Meanwhile, the iconic “Drew Estate Lounge” and the esteemed “Sun Grown Fields in Florida” were also touched upon, emphasizing their standing reputation.

From TikTok Trends to Podcast Insights

While the discourse revolved around the cigar industry, an unexpected twist came with the mention of TikTok. The Cigar Guys started their digital journey on TikTok, leveraging popular memes to present a fresh perspective on cigars. Their unique content approach, blending trending digital culture with classic cigar themes, garnered considerable attention. This TikTok success naturally progressed into a podcast venture, adding another feather to their digital cap.

Deep Dive into Cigar Nuances

The conversation spiraled into deeper territories, discussing the intricate art of tasting cigars and appreciating their myriad flavors. Names like Southern Draw and 20 Acre Farm floated around, emphasizing the guests’ seasoned experience. Further, they tackled the often complex topic of cigar pricing, shedding light on tax-induced disparities across regions.

Inside the Cigar Media Landscape

Highlighting the challenges and perks of being a media entity in the cigar industry, the discussion touched upon scheduling hassles, captivating interviews, and the varied personalities they’ve encountered. The emphasis was on authenticity, ensuring content is genuine rather than algorithm-chasing. The camaraderie within the cigar community was another central theme, beautifully encapsulated by the term “Brotherhood of the leaf.”

A Touch of Albanian Culture with ‘Besa’ Cigars

The episode reached its zenith with a heartwarming conversation with the creators of “Besa” cigars. Interweaving Albanian history with cigar smoking, the brand nods to the revered Albanian figure, Skanderbeg. By the end of this insightful segment, it was evident that the Besa cigar isn’t just another product; it’s a story, an oath, a legacy.

In conclusion, The Cigar Guys’ appearance on the Long Ash podcast was a stimulating blend of personal anecdotes, industry insights, digital discussions, and a touch of history. It was an episode for the books with laughter, revelations, and deep dives.

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