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La Gloria Cubana Society II, A Fan-Inspired Cigar Masterpiece

The La Gloria Cubana Society II is a testament to customer-centric innovation in the cigar industry, marking the second successful collaboration between the brand and its ardent fans. The Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG), the parent company of La Gloria Cubana, has once again embraced the voices of its dedicated clientele to shape this unique product. Set to hit retailers, the La Gloria Cubana Society II is a crowd-sourced creation, embodying the preferences and insights of the brand’s enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the journey of the La Gloria Cubana Society series, the inaugural edition released in 2022 was a pure Honduran tobacco marvel. This year’s edition, however, takes a more global approach in its blend. It features a Honduran wrapper, a binder from Ecuadorian Sumatra, and a mix of Dominican Republic and Nicaragua fillers. This multinational blend is a divergence in composition and dimensions, measuring 6 inches long with a 50-ring gauge. Although slightly smaller than its predecessor, it commands a higher price point of $12.99 compared to the previous year’s $8.99.

Crafted meticulously by hand at El Credito, a renowned rolling gallery within the more prominent General Cigar Dominicana factory, the La Gloria Cubana Society Cigar II epitomizes the art of cigar making. Each box containing ten cigars results from extensive consultation with La Gloria fans. The feedback encompassed various aspects, including the blend, packaging, and size of the cigars, ensuring a product that resonates with the preferences of its consumers.

Cory Beardsley, the assistant brand manager for La Gloria Cubana, emphasized the significance of this collaborative effort. “For this, our second ‘Society Cigar,’ we have created a smoking experience that reflects the collective preferences of La Gloria Cubana fans,” Beardsley noted. According to Beardsley, this special release not only caters to the current tastes of this elite group of smokers but also stands as a proud representation of their collective voice in the cigar world.

In summary, the La Gloria Cubana Society II is more than just a cigar; it symbolizes a brand listening to and evolving with its community. This approach enriches the product and strengthens the bond between the brand and its dedicated fanbase.

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