Cut, light, and smoke your cigar

Welcome to Cigar University. Today we are going to learn the first lesson in Cigar University: how to cut and light your cigar.

Cigar University

There are many ways to go about cutting and lighting your cigar. There are many different cutters, many different lighters, for example we have straight cut, we have v-cut, punch cut, some people use knives, some people use their teeth.

We’re civilized over here, so I like to go with the xicar cigar scissors. It’s compact, and you can attach it to your keychain so you never leave without it. It cuts through cigars like butter.

When it comes to your flame, of course, you have matches, soft flame lighters,  torch lighters. Over here we prefer to use a torch lighter, much more efficient, much cleaner.

If you’re using any lighter you want to make sure you’re using butane and not Zippo lighter fluid, or similar fuels.

So, grab your cigar of choice, once you figure out what you like to smoke, take it out of cellophane, grab your cutter, and don’t go too low.

You basically want to cut right above where the cap ends.

Test the draw to make sure that it’s nice and open.

If you’re using someone else’s scissors, courtesy tip: don’t test your draw with the side you’re going to smoke. Test it with the bottom and I’ll explain why.

If you’re going to use someone else’s cigar cutters to cut your cigar again, to try and get it more open, you don’t want to have your germs get onto their cutter. So out of respect, test the draw through the other side of the cigar.

Now, if the draw is nice and open, you’re good to go.

Next, grab your torch lighter and always, especially if you’re using a torch lighter, toast the cigar as best you can so where the end of the cigar is essentially nice and red hot.

Once you’ve toasted it enough, you are ready to light.

Nice strong puffs. Do not inhale the cigar. If you’re new to Cigar smoking puffing on a cigar is essentially like sucking through a straw. You’re not inhaling, you’re “swallowing”.

Make sure that the entire foot of the cigar is completely toasted so that you minimize uneven burning.

Puff on your cigar once every 30 seconds to a minute depending on if you’re a novice or if you’re more experienced.

Don’t rush it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your night.

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