Smoke Like A Boss With Jefe Cigars

The Cigar Guys have special guests on their show to talk about Jefe cigars. Alex, Jared, and Zach introduce Scott from Jefe and Tim, Jefe’s new spokesperson from Australia. Scott talks about how he and Sergio started their cigar brand. Scott had a passion for cigars and enjoyed smoking them. Sergio got hooked on cigars when he went to Cuba and tried a Cohiba Behike. The two then started brainstorming and created an online cigar store called Gar Up, but it did not take off. They then decided to focus on creating their own brand, Jefe Cigars.

The Cigar Guys then go on to smoke Jefe cigars and talk about their experience. They all agree that the cigars are smooth and have a great flavor. Alex notes that the cigars are very well-constructed and burn evenly. Jared praises the cigars’ complexity and balance, while Zach loves the draw and the aroma.

Jefe’s first cigar was made with a Nicaraguan blend.The cigar uses a connecticut wrapper, but is deceivingly medium to full-bodied.. The Nicaraguan tobacco used in the blend is grown in the Jalapa Valley, which is known for producing tobacco with a spicy flavor. The Jefe #1 keeps you on your toes as it changes drastically throughout the first, second, and third of the cigar. 

The conversation then moves on to Jefe cigars’ marketing strategy. Scott explains that Jefe cigars is a boutique brand that focuses on quality and affordability. They sell their cigars online and through a network of retailers, which allows them to keep their prices low. They also sponsor events and work with bloggers and influencers to get the word out about their brand.

The Cigar Guys ask Scott about the process of creating a blend. Scott explains that they start by selecting the tobacco that they want to use. They then start blending the different types of tobacco until they get the flavor that they are looking for. Once they have the blend, they test it to make sure that it burns evenly and has a good draw. They then make any necessary adjustments before they start producing the cigars.

The Cigar Guys are also smoking the Jefe #2. They all agree that the flavor is great and that the cigar burns evenly. They also note that the draw is smooth and that the smoke has a pleasant aroma.

Scott also talks about their other blends, which include a Cameroon and a Habano. The Habano, their newest blend, is medium to full-bodied and has a spicy flavor. Scott explains that they created these blends to offer something for everyone.

The Cigar Guys also ask Scott about the future of Jefe cigars. Scott explains that they plan to expand their brand by creating new blends and introducing new sizes. They also plan to focus on getting their cigars into more retail stores.

In conclusion, Jefe cigars offer a range of blends that cater to different tastes. The Cigar Guys agree that Jefe cigars are great, and Scott explains that they plan to expand their brand by creating new blends and introducing new sizes.

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