Smoking Horacio Cigars

The Cigar Guys reviewed a selection of cigars from Horacio Distribution. The company is based in Switzerland and produces cigars in Nicaragua using an Ecuadorian wrapper, a Costa Rican binder, and Nicaraguan filler. The company has been around since 2008 and is currently trying to break into the American market.

The hosts sampled several different Horacio cigars during the episode, with each host smoking a different cigar. Matt smoked the Horacio Classic, which he was initially pessimistic about but ended up enjoying the first third. Zach also smoked the Horacio Classic and found it to be a mild cigar with a good draw, but not particularly flavorful. Jared smoked the Heritage No. 6, which he found to be a medium cigar that pairs well with scotch. Alex smoked the Sled Special Edition 2019, which he found to be a bit too large with a ring gauge of around 65-70.

The group talked about the Horacio Cigars company and its use of Costa Rican tobacco, which is not as common as tobacco from other countries. The company has a good variety of cigars, and the group was excited to try them out. Although the company is mainly based in Europe, they distribute worldwide, and people can order from retailers in Europe to try out their cigars.

As they smoked, the group found the cigars to be earthy, with woody and nutty notes. Some of the cigars had more spice and sweetness than others, making them complex and enjoyable to smoke. They also discussed the scotch pairing with the cigars, as the mild to medium flavor of the cigars pairs well with scotch.

The group also talked about the ring gauge of the cigars they smoked. Although they preferred smaller ring gauges, they understood that some people enjoyed the larger ones. They discussed how ring gauge can affect the flavor of the cigar, with larger ring gauges often providing a cooler smoke and less concentrated flavor.

Throughout the episode, the hosts discussed their first impressions of the cigars, as well as their opinions on the company and its products. They also shared their knowledge of different types of tobacco and how they contribute to the flavors and aromas of cigars.

The hosts also discussed the importance of pairing cigars with the right drinks, such as scotch, to enhance the flavor of the cigar. They also discussed the importance of storing cigars properly to prevent them from drying out and losing their flavor.

In addition to discussing the cigars themselves, the hosts also shared their personal experiences with smoking cigars, such as the different occasions on which they enjoy cigars and how they first got into smoking cigars. They also shared tips and advice for those who are new to smoking cigars, such as starting with milder cigars and gradually working up to stronger ones.

In conclusion, smoking Horacio Cigars can be a delightful experience for those who enjoy complex and earthy cigars with woody and nutty notes. The company produces cigars in Nicaragua and uses Costa Rican tobacco, making their cigars stand out from others in the market. Although they are mainly based in Europe, the company is trying to break into the American market, and people can order their cigars from retailers in Europe. If you’re a cigar enthusiast looking to try out something new and exciting, Horacio Cigars is definitely worth checking out.

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