Exploring Cigar Color Selection & Cigar Aging: Insights from the Cigar Guys Podcast

Welcome back to The Cigar Guys Blog, your one-stop destination for all things cigars! Today, we’re excited to share our thoughts on a recent podcast session featuring our favorite cigar enthusiasts, Alex, Jared, and Mark. While their fourth co-host, Zach, was notably absent due to an unexpected encounter with some Amish folks, the remaining trio didn’t let that stop them from diving into an engaging discussion on cigar color selection and cigar aging.

To start off the podcast, the hosts decided to spice things up by assigning each other random colors for their cigar selections. They were tasked with choosing a cigar that prominently featured a band in their assigned color. Alex, who was given the color blue, settled on the Don Pepin Garcia Original. Jared, with the challenge of finding a yellow-banded cigar, picked the La Gloria Cubana. Finally, Mark was tasked with finding a cigar with a fluorescent green band, leading him to the Aroma de Cuba.

As they enjoyed their chosen cigars, the hosts also sipped on some exquisite Woodford Reserve Double Oak whiskey. Throughout the podcast, they shared their thoughts on the beverages and cigars, comparing their experiences with previous smokes and emphasizing the significance of proper cigar aging.

Aging cigars, as our hosts explained, serves to enhance the flavors and overall smoking experience. It requires careful attention to humidity and temperature levels, as fluctuations can damage the cigars. One of the hosts shared a story of a friend who bought a box of Padrón 1964 cigars, aged half of them for five years, and found the aged cigars to be outstanding.

During the conversation, the hosts touched on the importance of proper cigar storage when aging. They stressed the need to rotate cigars periodically within the humidor to ensure even exposure to humidity. Additionally, they discussed the benefits of investing in a quality humidor, as it can significantly impact the aging process and the preservation of your cigars. A well-maintained humidor can lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling smoking experience.

The topic then shifted to the varying opinions on how long cigars should be aged. While some aficionados believe that aging cigars for several years can significantly enhance their flavors, others argue that the ideal aging period is subjective and depends on personal preferences. The hosts agreed that experimentation is key when it comes to aging cigars. They encouraged listeners to try aging their cigars for different lengths of time and to observe the changes in flavor and aroma. This, they argued, would help cigar enthusiasts discover the optimal aging period for their personal taste.

The conversation then moved to the fascinating subject of cigar color selection. They acknowledged that while the color of a cigar may not directly correlate with its flavor, it can provide some hints about the tobacco used and the cigar’s characteristics. As they puffed on their color-assigned cigars, the hosts delved into the importance of wrapper leaves and the role they play in the overall smoking experience.

Wrapper leaves, they explained, can influence a cigar’s flavor, aroma, and appearance. They come in a variety of colors, ranging from the lightest shade, known as Claro, to the darkest, Oscuro. The hosts then discussed how the color of the wrapper can provide some insight into the type of tobacco used, the growing conditions, and the fermentation process.

For example, lighter-colored wrappers typically indicate that the tobacco was grown in shade, while darker wrappers suggest sun-grown tobacco. Furthermore, a darker-colored wrapper may indicate a longer fermentation process, which can result in a more intense flavor profile. As the hosts sampled their cigars throughout the podcast, they discussed the various flavor profiles and characteristics associated with different wrapper colors.

In addition to wrapper colors, the hosts also touched on the significance of the cigar’s construction. They emphasized the importance of a well-constructed cigar, as it can significantly impact the burn and draw, ultimately affecting the overall smoking experience. They highlighted the need to pay attention to the quality of the cigar’s construction when choosing a cigar, regardless of the wrapper color.

The discussion then turned to the topic of pairing cigars with various beverages. The hosts agreed that pairing cigars with drinks is a personal preference and can vary depending on the individual’s taste buds. They encouraged listeners to experiment with various pairings, from whiskey to coffee, and even non-alcoholic beverages like tea, to find the perfect combination that complements their cigar of choice.

As the podcast progressed, the hosts shared personal anecdotes and experiences related to cigars, highlighting the camaraderie and community that exists within the world of cigar enthusiasts. They reminisced about their favorite cigars and moments spent sharing a smoke with friends, emphasizing the importance of enjoying cigars as a social experience.

Before wrapping up the podcast, the hosts shared their final thoughts on their color-assigned cigar selections. Alex’s Don Pepin Garcia Original, with its blue band, was declared to be quite spicy compared to most cigars, while Jared’s La Gloria Cubana, featuring a yellow band, was appreciated for its rich and complex flavors. Mark’s Aroma de Cuba, with its fluorescent green band, received accolades for its bold and spicy notes.

In conclusion, the podcast provided a wealth of information and insights into the world of cigars, particularly in the realms of color selection and aging. The hosts’ knowledge and passion for cigars were evident throughout the episode, and their enthusiasm was contagious. As cigar enthusiasts, it’s essential to understand the various factors that influence the smoking experience, from the wrapper color and construction to the aging process and beverage pairings.

So, next time you find yourself in the humidor room of your local cigar shop, remember the insights shared by Alex, Jared, and Mark. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different wrapper colors, aging periods, and beverage pairings to find your perfect cigar experience. And most importantly, take the time to enjoy your cigars with friends, as the social aspect of cigar smoking is a significant part of the allure and pleasure of this centuries-old pastime.

For those of you who haven’t listened to this particular podcast episode yet, we highly recommend giving it a listen. The Cigar Guys’ dynamic and engaging conversations are sure to entertain and educate both novice and seasoned cigar enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for more updates on future episodes and blog posts, as we continue to explore the fascinating world of cigars together.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on cigar color selection, aging, and pairing in the comments section below. We always love hearing from our fellow cigar aficionados and learning about your personal journeys and discoveries in this amazing world of flavors, aromas, and camaraderie.

Happy smoking, and until next time, cheers to a great cigar experience!

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