Cigar University Lesson Two: Understanding Cigar Ring Gauges and Size Can Affect the Smoking Experience

Welcome to Cigar University! In today’s enlightening lesson, esteemed Professor Nikollaj, a renowned specialist in the cigar industry, is set to guide us through the intriguing world of cigar ring gauges. The ring gauge, or the cigar’s diameter, is a pivotal aspect that influences the overall enjoyment of your cigar. It is crucial in determining the flavor intensity, smoke output, and burning time. This article will delve into the different gauges and their unique characteristics, helping you find the perfect cigar to suit your preferences. 

1. Exploring the Gauges:

In a compelling demonstration, Professor Nikollaj presents us with four distinct cigar samples, each one with a unique gauge. Each of these gauges offers a different perspective on the smoking experience. Let’s explore each of these gauges in detail:

a) The Eleven 02 House Maduro Lancero (42-ring gauge):

The Lancero, with its slender physique and a smaller 42-ring gauge, is the epitome of an intense smoking experience. This cigar type is considered cherished for its focused flavor profile due to its narrower structure. However, its smaller diameter makes it slightly more challenging to keep lit, and its burn time is relatively quick. Despite these nuances, the Lancero cigar remains beloved for its concentrated flavor punch and swift yet profound smoking experience. 

b) The Besa Cigar (50-ring gauge):

The Besa Cigar, featuring a 50-ring gauge, is often considered the average or ‘benchmark’ size for cigars. It offers a harmonious blend of wrapper and filler flavors, complementing a satisfying smoke output. This size is a crowd-pleaser, as it provides an excellent equilibrium between intense flavor and a fulfilling smoke output, making it a popular choice among beginners and seasoned cigar enthusiasts.

c) Crowned Heads La Imperiosa (54 ring gauge):

As we go up the gauge ladder, we encounter the Crowned Heads cigar with a 54-ring gauge. This slightly larger size offers a richer, more varied flavor profile, with the filler’s taste becoming more prominent than smaller ring gauge cigars. Its smoke output remains impressive, producing an ample volume of smoke, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate a fuller and more robust smoking experience.

d) Horacio XXL (70-ring gauge):

The Horacio cigar stands tall with a massive 70-ring gauge at the pinnacle of cigar sizes. This titan of cigars, due to its substantial filler content, provides a more extended smoke output and a long smoking experience. While the flavor might be more centered on the filler and may seem slightly milder than smaller gauges, it remains an optimal choice for those seeking an extended, relaxed smoking session.

2. Flavor and Smoke Output:

A solid understanding of cigar gauges is a fundamental step toward identifying your preferred flavor intensity and smoke output. Smaller gauges like the Lancero focus the flavor toward the wrapper, delivering an intense, concentrated taste. Conversely, larger gauges like the Horacio cater to a more extended smoke output while offering a fuller, more complex flavor derived from the filler.

The 50 to 54 range, which Professor Nikollaj personally holds in high regard, offers the best of both worlds. This range perfectly balances the wrapper’s unique flavors and the filler’s complexity, delivering a satisfactory smoke output. It provides a rewarding smoking experience that appreciates a medium-sized cigar’s benefits.

3. Personal Preferences:

The process of selecting the perfect cigar gauge largely hinges on personal preference. Some aficionados relish the quick yet potent smoking experience that smaller gauges offer. These cigars pack much flavor into a shorter smoke, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate a bold, fast-paced smoking experience. However, it’s worth noting that their smaller size can make them slightly more challenging to keep lit.

Meanwhile, other cigar enthusiasts may prefer larger gauges for their extended smoking time and the fuller flavors derived from the increased filler content. While the wrapper’s flavor may take a slight backseat with these larger gauges, the overall experience remains gratifying, particularly for those who enjoy a prolonged, relaxed smoking session.

4. Conclusion:

Understanding cigar gauges is essential in selecting a cigar that aligns perfectly with your taste preferences. From the slender, flavor-intensive Lancero to the colossal, extended smoke experience offered by the Horacio, each gauge presents a unique smoking experience. By experimenting with different gauges, you can explore various flavors, smoke outputs, and smoking durations, expanding your horizons in the fascinating world of cigars.

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Remember, the journey of cigar appreciation is not simply about finding what suits your palate but also about relishing the moments of relaxation and indulgence each cigar offers. Every puff reveals a new layer of flavor, a different perspective, and a new appreciation for this timeless tradition. As we continue to explore together in this enriching journey of cigar understanding, we eagerly anticipate the myriad of discoveries that await us in the mesmerizing world of cigars.

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