The Toast of Cinco De Mayo – Smoking up the Casa 1910

There’s a certain allure to smoking cigars that cannot be rivaled, a charm captured beautifully on a recent episode of the famous cigar podcast hosted by none other than the charismatic quartet – Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach. What set this episode apart from the rest was its fitting nod to the Cinco de Mayo celebration, replete with cowboy hats instead of sombreros and a special guest in the form of Hunter Kinzel.

Cinco De Mayo, the emblematic Mexican holiday, found a peculiar but compelling tribute on the show. Instead of traditional sombreros, the hosts opted for cowboy hats. This choice paid homage to the original cowboys, who, as some may forget, hailed from Mexico. The quintessential cowboy spirit and the rich Mexican heritage were embodied in the smoke swirling from the show’s star, the Casa 1910 cigar.

Every puff from the Casa 1910 was a tribute to Mexican heritage. As Hunter pointed out, the binder, filler, and wrappers were all derived from Mexican tobacco, emphasizing the authenticity of this selection. This cigar was wrapped in a rich, dark Maduro wrapper, known for introducing a more spiced flavor to the smoke – a characteristic trait of Mexican cigars.

Throughout the podcast, the group lit up their cigars. It embarked on a sensory journey exploring the unique qualities of the Casa 1910 and delving into the broader world of Mexican cigars. The conversation was spirited, punctuated by laughter and thoughtful pauses, as each host – Alex, Jared, Mark, and Hunter – added their unique insights to the mix.

To make the experience even more authentic, the hosts indulged in Tequila Old Fashions, a fitting tribute to the holiday. The Jose Cuervo tequila used in the Old Fashions was a hit, adding a smoky peach flavor that complemented the cigar’s taste exceptionally well. As Jared pointed out, the tequila flavor didn’t alter the cigar’s flavor too much, allowing the Casa 1910 to reveal its true character.

Hunter Kinzel, a seasoned cigar aficionado and manager at Corona CigarCo’s Heathrow location, enriched the discussion with his deep knowledge of cigars. He shared his thoughts on the Casa 1910, commending the surprisingly sweet notes in the cigar that contradicted the expected spicy undertones.

This led to an engaging discussion about the shape and size of the cigar, it’s pricing, and its unique Mexican San Andreas wrapper. The San Andreas wrapper, usually known for its spiciness, offered a balanced taste in the Casa 1910, creating a complex flavor profile enjoyed by the hosts. The wrapper was compared to a spicy jalapeno, but not overpoweringly, with earthy and grassy undertones.

However, the cigar was none of many topics under the spotlight. The episode also explored broader subjects, such as the rising prices of cigars and the complexities of different wrapper types. The discussion of Padron’s anniversary cigars, Room 101s, and Caldwell cigars revealed the hosts’ extensive knowledge of the cigar industry, sparking engaging banter.

One of the most fascinating parts of this episode was the hosts’ exploration of the intricate details of cigar branding. Alex pointed out the importance of band aesthetics in attracting customers. At the same time, Mark discussed the unexpected hindrance of trademarking and color use. The Casa 1910’s bright orange color, chosen due to trademarking issues with traditional Mexican colors, was appreciated for its attention-grabbing quality.

Toward the end, the conversation took a humorous turn as the hosts chatted about their run-ins to ChatGPT with “cigar faux pas” in their early days of cigar smoking. Jared humorously recalled an embarrassing situation when he cut off more than was necessary from the cigar cap, causing the wrapper to unravel during smoking. Hunter, meanwhile, shared his story about mistakenly keeping a cigar in his pocket for too long, only to find it crushed when he went to smoke it. This reminded the listeners that everyone starts somewhere and mistakes are all part of the learning process.

These tales of cigar-related mishaps offered an excellent opportunity for the hosts to share some valuable tips for beginners. Mark emphasized the importance of a proper cut – not too deep- to avoid unraveling the wrapper. Zach suggested investing in a humidor or a proper cigar case to keep cigars in optimal condition.

To top it all off, there was a delightful surprise at the end of the episode as a treat for the listeners. An announcement was made about a giveaway for the special occasion of Cinco De Mayo. The listeners could win a box of Casa 1910 cigars, a bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila, and a cigar cutter – a package bound to give one lucky fan a taste of this memorable podcast episode at home.

In conclusion, episode 17 of this Cigar Podcast brilliantly combined the spirit of Cinco De Mayo with the art of smoking cigars. From cowboy hats and Casa 1910 cigars to Tequila Old Fashions and a special guest, the show offered an engaging and delightful celebration of the holiday and a deep dive into the world of Mexican cigars. This episode is a must-listen for those interested in exploring the nuances of cigar smoking or merely looking to celebrate the Mexican heritage.

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