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Top 5 Episodes of The Cigar Guys Podcast for Q3 2023

The Cigar Guys Podcast has been producing full-length podcast episodes since mid-January 2023. After nine months of consistent content, The Cigar Guys have increased their online presence tenfold, positively impacting the cigar community, especially for the younger generation looking to learn more about the premium cigar world.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Podcast Episodes from The Cigar Guys Podcast based on the total amount of views on YouTube and all Audio Podcast Platforms from July 2023 to September 2023:

At Number 5, we have episode 33. Howard G Cigars

In a recent episode of The Cigar Guys Podcast, hosts Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach dive deep into the world of Howard G Cigars, led by its iconic founder, Howie G. The episode begins with a captivating exploration of Howie G’s 16-year journey in the cigar universe, tracing back to his foundational experiences with the Rocky Patel Decade 1990 and the transformative Padron 1946. As the narrative unfolds, it’s clear that for Howie, cigars aren’t just a hobby; they symbolize relationships, craftsmanship, and a lifelong passion stemming from early interactions with legends like Avo Uvezian at Corona Cigar in Sand Lake.

Howie’s dedication to the craft becomes evident as the hosts delve into the philosophy and intricate processes behind Howard G cigars. Discussions range from the layering of flavors and sourcing premium tobacco from Nicaragua to the meticulous aging process that ensures a perfect finish. A highlight of the conversation is the unveiling of Howie’s “Perfect Round” golf cigar line, a testament to his innovative spirit, merging the serene worlds of golf and cigar enjoyment. The narrative also underscores the importance of relationships in the cigar industry, with Howie attributing much of his inspiration and direction to his deep-rooted bond with Avo Uvezian.

As the podcast episode draws to a close, listeners are treated to a harmonious blend of tobacco tales intertwined with notes of tequila and Macallan whiskies, reflecting Howie G’s quest for the perfect symphony of flavors. The hosts masterfully encapsulate Howie G’s commitment to the cigar industry, emphasizing his dedication to quality, innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of perfection. The episode leaves an indelible mark, inviting aficionados to immerse themselves further into the aromatic and intricate world of Howard G Cigars, appreciating not just the cigars but the rich stories and relationships that burn with every member.

At Number 4, we have episode 34. CigarProp (Cigar Censorship)

In Episode 34 of “The Cigar Guys Podcast,” hosts Alex, Jared, and Zach navigate the listeners through the enthralling worlds of cigar culture, entrepreneurship, and the challenges posed by digital dynamics despite the notable absence of Mark, a regular. The episode spotlights Kevin from CigarProp, highlighting his journey from ideating functional cigar accessories to pioneering an expansive brand. His venture, which began with a simple need for practical cigar holders, expands into the complex realms of e-commerce, social media, and digital brand presence, confronting its unique challenges in maintaining brand identity within a specialized market.

The art and history of cigar-making, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and deep-rooted traditions, serve as a symbolic backdrop for entrepreneurs like Kevin. Like every tobacco leaf undergoes a thorough transformation from seed to cigar, businesses in this niche also face intricate paths of creativity, market penetration, and product refinement. The episode emphasizes that the journey doesn’t conclude once a cigar is crafted or a business is launched; it’s an ongoing process of engagement, feedback, and evolution. Kevin’s experiences in the industry, from personal customer interactions to adjusting in response to market feedback, resonate with this narrative of continual growth and adaptation.

The digital era has redefined how cigar culture and associated ventures are shared and perceived. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok present immense opportunities for visibility and community engagement. However, they also introduce challenges, especially for creators in the adult-oriented domain of cigar culture. This episode delves into the complexities of content creation in the digital space, balancing between gaining visibility and navigating the constraints of platform regulations and potential censorship. Through shared stories and insights, the episode paints a vivid picture of the symbiotic relationship between cigars, entrepreneurship, and digital dynamics, inviting listeners to appreciate the intricacies and shared passion that binds the community.

At Number 3, we have episode 32. United Cigars with Oliver Nivaud

In Episode 32 of The Cigar Guys Podcast, Oliver Nivaud from United Cigar Group joined hosts Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach, taking listeners on a journey through the legacy of United Cigars. The brand, which dates back to 1901, once boasted over 3,000 retail locations but faced dissolution in the 1960s. Reborn in 2009, the brand now integrates its rich history with contemporary innovation. Oliver’s engagement with the cigar world isn’t mere chance but a blend of fate and fervor. Having experienced the multifaceted industry—from retail to manufacturing—he harbors a deep appreciation for the craft, embodying United Cigars’ commitment to expertise, diligence, and quality.

Oliver’s tales illuminated the meticulous processes behind the scenes of cigar creation. For instance, the detailed transformation of the brand’s firecrackers from a closed to an open foot, or the unveiling of their Red Anchor line, speaks volumes about their craftsmanship. Delving deeper, Oliver and the hosts explore the philosophical aspects of luxury in the cigar industry, suggesting that the true essence of a premium cigar goes beyond price, resting in the appreciation of the craft: the years of aging, intricate handcrafting, and countless decisions leading to an unparalleled smoking experience. The conversation also touched upon personal preferences in cigar enjoyment, emphasizing the intrinsic value and the unique, almost spiritual dance between tobacco and the individual palate.

Closing the engaging dialogue, Oliver’s insights and shared stories with the hosts emphasized the enduring allure of United Cigars. This brand pays homage to tradition and continues to carve out its future path with zeal. The essence of United Cigars is captured in its historical tales and unyielding passion for excellence and respect for the age-old art of cigar-making. Their narrative stands as a testament to the eternal charm of a well-rolled cigar, demonstrating a fusion of past glories with a genuine vision for the future.

At Number 2, we have episode 27. Celebrity Cigars

In the 27th episode of their podcast titled “Celebrity Cigars,” the Cigar Guys—Alex, Jared, Mark, and Zach—delve into the rich interplay between historical figures, celebrities, and the timeless allure of cigars. Through lively discussions and laughter, they navigated stories of cigars transcending mere tobacco rolls to become symbolic tokens through various epochs of history and celebrity contexts. Highlights include Winston Churchill’s unparalleled love for cigars, which resulted in naming a specific size after him, and his special oxygen mask for high-altitude smoking. Additionally, tales of leaders like JFK hoarding Cuban cigars pre-embargo are interwoven with contemporary stories of cinema legends like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The discourse further ventured into the musical spheres, highlighting icons like Jay-Z and Rihanna, who have been known to enjoy a good cigar and shaped its cultural representation. Particularly notable is Jay-Z’s collaboration with Cohiba, birthing the Cohiba Comador. The Cigar Guys illuminated how global celebrities, through their personal preferences and moments, contribute significantly to cigars’ perception and cultural representation. From sports legends like Wayne Gretzky and Tom Brady to musicians like Snoop Dogg, the sheer range of celebrity cigar aficionados underscores the universal appeal and the unspoken tales encapsulated in every puff.

Concluding their engaging journey through time, the Cigar Guys showcased how cigars, whether held by historical figures or modern-day celebrities, are more than recreational smoke. They are symbols of reflection, camaraderie, and unspoken communication, binding diverse stories with a harmony unique to the world of cigars. Through their narration, the intricate relationship between cigars and their stories, from moments of triumph to silent contemplations, was beautifully unveiled, leaving listeners awaiting the next captivating tale wrapped in fragrant smoke.

At Number 1, we have episode 26. Our Top 3 Favorite Cigars 

In episode 26 of The Cigar Guys Podcast, hosts Alex, Jared, and Mark delve deep into their favorite cigars, weaving in tales of history, personal experiences, and the art of cigar appreciation. Even in the absence of Zach, his spirit is palpably felt throughout the narrative. The episode offers listeners a rich tapestry of stories:

Beyond these, the podcast also touches on other significant cigars and humorously deviates into discussions on culinary experiences and jabs at fitness culture.

The narrative further deepens as it explores “Carlos Torano’s The Exodus,” a symbol of luxury, taste, and accessibility. It highlights that cigars aren’t just for an exclusive few but a luxury accessible to all. The hosts emphasize that these aren’t just cigars but an intricate blend of stories, experiences, and traditions passed down through generations. The episode’s climax plunges into the world of Cuban cigars, uncovering their allure, history, and the politics surrounding them. This discourse offers a balanced view, exploring the moral and ethical considerations behind the universally coveted Cuban cigar.

“The Cigar Guys Podcast” is more than a casual conversation about cigars; it’s an homage to the vast world of cigars encompassing art, science, and tradition. It welcomes seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers into its narrative, ensuring that listeners are left with an indelible impression of the rich history of cigar appreciation by the episode’s end. Through tales of camaraderie and individual journeys, the hosts invite everyone to join in this eternal narrative, where every cigar draw is a step into a world filled with endless exploration.

If you want more podcast episodes to watch or listen to, go to The Cigar Guys’ https://thecigarguys.com/socials to access their long and short content.

47. Validating Aganorsa Leaf | The Cigar Guys Podcast The Cigar Guys Podcast

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