Cigars that Scored as High as 95 Points (according to Cigar Aficionado)

Cigar Aficionado employs a meticulous blind taste-test mechanism. The tasting coordinator de-identifies the cigars and replaces their bands with white, numbered labels. Consequently, the tasting panel remains unbiased, judging the cigars solely on their merit, regardless of price, origin, or brand.

Top-Rated Cigars:

  1. Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work of Art (95 points, $10.60): A familiar name on our elite list, the Hemingway line showcases perfectly crafted shapes constructed with a fine Cameroon wrapper over Dominican leaves. Its unique shape offers a flawless burn and draw, revealing flavors of chocolate, almond, and vanilla.
  2. Blackened Cigars “M81” by Drew Estate Corona (95 points, $9.15): A triumphant collaboration between Metallica’s James Hetfield, distiller Rob Dietrich, and Nicaraguan producer Drew Estate. This compact cigar packs a punch with tastes of saffron, baking spices, and a semi-sweet chocolate finish.
  3. Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Illusion (94 points, $14.15): Debuting in 1999, the VSG line was a robust entrant. Today, this Lonsdale still stands tall, offering a palate of rich earthiness combined with savory roasted peanut notes.
  4. E.P. Carrillo Pledge Sojourn (93 points, $13.25): An evolution of the 2020 Cigar of the Year, it boasts a Connecticut Habano cover leaf, an Ecuadoran binder, and Nicaraguan filler. Its robust flavors of earth and pepper harmoniously blend with nuances of leather and coffee, a testament to Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s expertise.
  5. Padrón Family Reserve No. 44 Maduro (93 points, $34.85): Initially an exclusive, the Family Reserve line has expanded. Comprising of tobaccos aged for a decade, the No. 44 presents luxurious tastes of chocolate and espresso complemented by hints of oak and cedar.
  6. Tatuaje Miami Havana Cazadores (93 points, $12): Cigars produced in the U.S. are rare, but Pete Johnson of Tatuaje aims to preserve this tradition. Crafted in Miami’s El Rey de Los Habanos factory, it offers a stimulating blend of earth, black pepper, and coffee with undertones of chocolate and nutmeg.

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