Are There Benefits to Smoking Cigars?

The mention of smoking often conjures images of health deterioration, addiction, and a plethora of medical warnings. But when it comes to cigars, a pastime embraced throughout history by many distinguished figures, could there be a tendency to overstate the risks? In the haze of heated health debates, an intriguing perspective emerges, particularly when considering the FDA’s statement that smoking up to 3 cigars a day only marginally increases cancer risk by 1%. This article aims to unravel the less-discussed nuances of cigar smoking and why it might not be as detrimental as widely perceived.

The Subtleties of Cigar Smoking:

Cigar smoking is frequently lumped together with cigarette smoking, but there are substantial differences in consumption patterns, inhalation habits, and chemical exposure. Cigars are often smoked less regularly and with a different inhalation technique, leading to a different risk profile than cigarette smoking.

  1. Lower Inhalation Rates:

Cigar aficionados typically do not inhale deeply, unlike cigarette smokers, reducing the amount of smoke, tar, and harmful chemicals entering the lungs. This difference in consumption method is crucial when considering the health risks associated with the hobby.

  1. The FDA’s Perspective:

According to the FDA, smoking up to three cigars daily entails a modest 1% increase in the risk of cancer. While no increase in risk is ideal, this figure suggests that moderate cigar smoking presents a significantly lower risk than what is typically associated with cigarettes. This finding beckons for a more measured discourse about the pastime’s risks.

  1. Risk Contextualization:

Cigar smoking, when practiced in moderation, might not be the menacing habit it’s often portrayed to be. Like many other activities, it comes with risks, but these must be weighed against frequency, lifestyle, and individual health. The often-cited dangers need to be contextualized within a framework that considers actual usage patterns and scientific data.

Social and Psychological Considerations:

Setting aside the often-touted health warnings, there are social and psychological dimensions to cigar smoking that often go unappreciated in discussions focused solely on health.

  1. The Pleasures of Moderation:

The art of enjoying cigars lies in moderation and savoring the experience rather than indulgence. This measured approach can align well with a balanced lifestyle, offering pleasure without the excesses that typically lead to health issues.

  1. A Social Conduit:

Cigar lounges and clubs foster community and camaraderie, facilitating meaningful conversations and networks that might otherwise not form. This social aspect of cigar smoking contributes to psychological well-being and can be an integral part of one’s social life.

  1. A Ritual of Reflection:

Preparing and smoking a cigar offers a moment of respite, a break from the digital overload, and an opportunity for contemplation and relaxation. These moments of tranquility are rare in our fast-paced world and carry psychological benefits that transcend the act of smoking itself.

A Balanced Viewpoint:

Advocating for a balanced view of cigar smoking is not to diminish the risks of tobacco use but rather to argue for a nuanced understanding that recognizes both the pleasures and the perils. The argument here is not of risk absence but of risk proportionality, emphasizing the importance of informed choices and responsible enjoyment.


The debate over cigar smoking and its risks is complex. With the FDA’s statement offering a statistical perspective, there’s a window for discussing the relative risks of moderate cigar smoking. It’s an invitation to look beyond the blanket condemnations and consider a broader context where individual choice, informed by accurate data and personal enjoyment, plays a central role. As with any adult luxury, the key lies in a mature approach to moderation, understanding, and respecting the risks involved.

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